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My name is John W. Gross, and I am the founder and principal of Tax Proz.  I was a very early adopter of preparing computer based tax returns, and have been doing so since tax preparation software was provided on 5 1/4 inch floppy diskettes.  I am an Enrolled Agent licensed by the U.S. Treasury Department to represent clients before all levels of the IRS.  I also have an MBA from Georgia State University, and over 30 years of executive management experience with domestic and international telecommunications companies managing multimillion dollar budgets.

I now manage Tax Proz, my professional tax consulting and preparation firm that specializes in income tax consulting and preparation services for Individuals, Small and Home Based Businesses, and International clients.  As an enrolled agent I also represent taxpayers before all levels and departments of the IRS.  If you are being audited, owe back taxes, or haven’t filed a return for one to a few years and want to become compliant, please contact me.  I can assist you in all these cases.

When you hire Tax Proz to serve you, you are hiring me!  You are guaranteed any services provided to you will be completed by an Enrolled Agent, with no activities farmed out to other companies or countries.  To read more about why you should consider hiring an Enrolled Agent to serve you click here

Tax Proz is now based in Kailua-Kona on the west coast of the Big Island of Hawaii.  I started the business in the Northern Virginia (Metro D.C.) area and still provide services to both existing and new clients there.  Although we are now based in Hawaii, we have the capability to serve clients located in any state, or in fact any location globally.  With today’s computer technology and internet access, there is no reason that your tax consultant or preparer must be located in the same geographical area that you are located in. Electronic communications has opened the world via the internet.  This is why we can easily assist  international clients such as U.S. expatriates, foreign nationals, and foreign students and scholars. If you are not comfortable with transmitting personal information over the internet, I can still provide every service you require via fax or “snail mail” if desired.

With modern technology, every taxpayer should seek out and hire the tax professional with the qualifications and beliefs that best match the client’s requirements and philosophies.  I can assure you that as an Enrolled Agent I am qualified, but if you would like to compare my philosophy with yours, please read the Editorial

There are many reasons to select an Enrolled Agent to work for you, but while I don’t recommend them, there are also reasons you may not require a paid preparer.  If you would like to explore other options, click why not Tax Proz.  The bottom line is if you have any question at all about the preparation of your return, you should seek out a tax professional.

Now that you have had the opportunity to review other options, you may find that you do not qualify for them, or decided they are not suitable for your needs.  If you have decided on hiring a paid preparer, there are a number of reasons why you should select Tax Proz as your tax professional.  In addition, I provide a year round service and will always be available for any issues that arise during the year.

At Tax Proz all client information is kept electronically on encrypted media, and no client data is released or shared with any other party. Please review the Privacy and Security  policies.


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